The Pros and Cons IT Outsourcing Providers Possess

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Outsourcing, it’s probably the best thing that’s happened for businesses, whether small or big ones. Why’s that? The reason being, companies are growing every day and in order to maintain a good track record, they need to do more. Be that as it may, these companies, even with the right amount of human resources can’t do their tasks alone. Therefore, they resort to getting help from outside their company, thus outsourcing it.

Just Simply Outsourcing, an outsourcing company based in the Philippines, says that outsourcing is a good way to reduce workloads without compromising the quality of work churned out. However, just like the light needs the dark and vice versa, there is always a bad side to everything good.

Outsourcing Providers Pros and Cons


Want to know the pros and cons to outsourcing? Here’s a few of them, we’ll first start with the pros and to the cons later on:




Unlike in-house employees, payment for outsourcers is much cheaper. For one, the cost of living in their country may be different from yours, so they’ll gladly accept how much you would give them.



Training new employees is expensive. If you want to save money for that, better get someone who already knows what they are doing. Outsourcers are there because they are willing to do the job that you have no time for.



Productivity in your company is increased when outsourcing extra tasks. This is possible since the extra tasks were ported over to someone outside of your company. Since there are operations in the company that needs more attention, extra tasks are tossed aside. Therefore, outsourcing can let you solve that problem.





If your employees feel that their positions are threatened because of outsourced jobs, they’ll eventually start leaving the company. With outsourcing, they’ll feel that their jobs are the next thing to be outsourced. This can cause a decrease in productivity and lower morale on the floor.



When outsourcing, you’ll share vital information with your outsourcer. This is a high-risk situation. If they happen to suddenly just disappear in their line of duty, chances are they ran away with classified files from your company. To avoid such, it’s better to contact them on a regular basis and ask for updates.



When transferring tasks, the outsourcer may have different plans from what you’ve originally intended the task to be. Chances are customers may have to skip your business and head on to the next due. If you don’t want this to happen, consider the outsourcing company you’re hiring. Better talk with them carefully.

Overall, these are only guidelines to help you decide when you want to outsource your extra tasks or not. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether to decide against it or do the opposite. If you’re still positive on getting help from an IT outsourcing provider, Just Simply Outsourcing is here to help you with your tasks. We guarantee satisfaction when you work with us.

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