sallySally is the Operations Administrator of Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide, Inc. She monitors the whole business, but more so in the office. Providing support and guidance to the employees. She also helps out in the management and reconciliation of finances. Serena sees her as “the everything” and her right hand man. A jack of all trades, as others put it.

Sally graduated at University of Sto. Tomas with a Bachelors degree in Biology. But as a would-like- to-learn-everything kind of person she ventured far from her course from being a Call Center agent and Supervisor to being an Anchor and a Public Service head of a TV network and eventually found her place here in JSOW, Inc.

Being the youngest of seven, she was the apple of the eyes of her parents and loved by her siblings. Thus she grew up exuding optimism, open mindedness and strongly driven. As an athlete in her 4″11 height, who played basketball (as the team captain), volleyball and softball, Sally was not afraid of challenges and of leading a team.

Sally said that working in this company gave her the opportunity to learn new thinking and be able to contribute her knowledge and skills. “I became attentive to details and learned to think outside of the box” are her exact words, thankful that she got to know Serena and got to work for her as well.

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