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Have Internet, Will Work – 4 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

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The Internet is an amazing thing. The speed of data sharing and transferring far surpasses that of the average employee. Stable connection has made it possible for people to work anywhere, be it from a cozy coffee shop or the comfort of their own home. While internet careers seem like temporary ventures, what most people don’t realize is that jobs like these offer convenience and a sizable salary.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Just Simply Outsourcing

1. Blogging For Companies
Many companies understand that internet marketing is slowly becoming a big thing, and thus have launched Facebook pages and blogs of their own. Someone has to keep these blogs filled and updated, of course, but regular employees rarely have the time for it. This is where being a web content writer or a freelance graphic designer could pay off big-time.

There are some Facebook groups for freelance writers and graphic designers to gather and share job opportunities. If you’re still new to the freelancing business, this is a good place to start.

2. Data Entry Worker/Transcriptionist
Wih thousands of audio and video media on the web, the demand for manual speech-to-text transcription will always be high. Companies who record minutes of their meeting often look for 3rd-party typists to turn their conversations into hard copies.

Other companies are also looking for people to help them turn their paper documents into digital copies, for archiving, easy dissemination, or other purposes. They also opt to outsource daily tasks like updating records and schedules. As this job pays per hour, you have the convenience of setting your own timeframe to fit your financial needs.

3. Online Sales
For creative people who love making things, consider online retail. Many websites cater to the artistic entrepreneurs. Holding an online store for hand-made products is the best way to cut capital costs and earn profit overtime.

Things like monthly rent, overhead costs, and employee salary don’t exist with online stores. The only money you’ll spend on a venture such as this is purchasing source materials. There are plenty of free web hosting sites, so you won’t even have to spend for registration of a domain name if you don’t want to.

If you want to try selling but aren’t so great at making things, online sales is still possible for you. After all, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sites like eBay and Amazon are perfect if you want to earn cash from stuff you don’t use or if you’re into the buy-and-sell business. These sites are trusted and frequently visited, so promotion won’t be too much of a problem.

4. Virtual Assistant
For people with excellent organizational and time-management skills, the job of Virtual Assistant will prove easy enough. Companies often hire outside sources to provide general assistance – administrative, bookkeeping, etc., – from a home office.

Virtual Assistant jobs online often require the applicant to perform any or all of the following tasks on a daily basis: data entry, research potential partner, PR marketing, and manage contacts. Because this task is so demanding, however, it usually pays very well for an hourly basis.

Business Process Outsourcing To The Philippines – The Answer To Your Needs

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Need help in your Internet marketing business? Look no farther. We’re here, eager to extend a helping hand to those who would let us. Tell us who you are and we help you promote your brand online.

It’s a fact that competition in business is tough. But there’s a way to excel. By just simply outsourcing services Philippines, you get your online marketing campaigns done in no time. Problem with research and design? No worries, we do the dirty work for precious clients like you.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Just Simply Outsourcing

The best part of the deal is, outsourcing enables you to pay for the service for only a fraction of what you expect to pay in the US or Europe. Yes, it’s that cost-effective!

When some functions of your company is being done by a third party vendor like us, expect to save on cost and time. We have all the excellent business services and solutions that client companies need in order to keep their sales coming.

As you know, outsourcing firms based in Asia particularly the Philippines have relatively lower wage rates as compared to the western countries like the United States. Undeniably, labor is one of the prime costs of most big businesses. When they outsource certain services to the Philippines, certainly substantial savings is what they get in return.

Getting the services of a third party vendor in this part of the globe will be very beneficial since the said country is offering the following:

  • a more business-friendly regulatory environment
  • lower corporate taxes and,
  • tax shelters and financial incentives especially for American business if they opt to invest in this country

With business process outsourcing (BPO), client companies certainly do business without barriers. Revenues keep coming no matter where your firm is located, no matter what time of day. Differences in time zones no longer pose an obstacle to earning profits.

You’ll be glad to know that while you’re asleep in your own country, your outsourced workers are doing the hard work for you at their own time zone.

Looking for ways to grow your business? We have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists dying to render their expertise in boosting your online visibility, increasing traffic to your site and above all, get you more profits.

How is Outsourcing SEO setting your company at a vantage?

  • As your team specializes in whatever goods you’re selling or services you’re offering, outsourcing companies likewise specialize in SEO by employing only qualified and trained professionals. They are always updated about the ever-changing search engine algorithms.
  • Hiring a SEO service provider from an efficient company like ours will spare you from spending a huge sum if you were to organize your own in-house department. Imagine the hiring and training efforts you’ll undertake which is not only time consuming but also expensive. With an outsider, no more worries of taking time away from your busy schedule.

Bottom line is, you can pull from a greater talent base of people who are highly skilled in the field of Internet marketing. Definitely, you save time, energies and use resources optimally for better productivity.

Various BPO firms naturally claim they are number one in terms of service. But we like to boast of our long years of service in the business, at costs you can afford, plus delivery of impressive results and awesome ROI.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be left in the dust. For all you know, your competitors are already outsourcing SEO services.

Business Process Outsourcing – The Outstanding Qualities of an Effective SEO Specialist

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A company’s website may have an extremely pleasing interface. In fact, it can even have a dash of that multimedia sizzle. However, if the site fails to attract the targeted visitors and convert them into customers, it has defeated its purpose. This then creates a negative impact on the revenue.

Here is where search engine optimization comes in. SEO plays an important role and gives a great contribution to the advantages of the thriving online business world. SEO specialists are crucial key players in the online success of a client site. Outsourcing SEO services is basically hiring people who would put a site on the right pages in the great efforts of promoting them.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

There are qualities that need to be met in order to gain the right amount of prospective clients to come into a website. But keep in mind that SEO specialists are not easily made. Most of the effective ones are trained and they must possess the right mindset to do their job effectively.


There are countless ways and tactic need for search engine optimization. It’s imperative that an SEO expert knows the different aspects and strategies that makes a site thrive for prospective clients. They should be able to explain in detail their plans for the company and what they can do to help it obtain higher visibility.


SEO is not a one time setting type of marketing strategy. It’s more on the efforts of trials and error – checking to see which strategy works and which ones need improving.

Diligence is one thing that an SEO specialist needs because this requires constant altering and monitoring. Keywords will always be subjected to changes and so do algorithms.


A legitimate search engine optimization specialist knows well that results are not obtained overnight. Just like good dishes, it takes time for the main ingredients to seep into the context and change the results. Great things take time. If patience is not one of their innate qualities, it only means that they’re using underground tactics that could possibly have an adverse effect on the site.


This quality doesn’t apply to SEO specialists alone, it also applies to everyone in the work force. Experience has and always will be the greatest teacher. Details of their past jobs will serve as a basis on the duties they’ll be working on. This is one of the search engine optimization benefits because it gives them the knowledge in the things what work best and what doesn’t.


May it be a good or a bad response, a real SEO specialist is an open book who will tell their clients the real score. Having a job that’s trial and error, it’s important that they’re transparent with everything they do.
Noncompliance to such quality would mean gray areas and gray areas are undesirable places for client sites. Black and white are the only areas that are desired because they’re the ones that are purely determinable.


A true SEO specialist is willing to share ideas that will work great for the company. They have the basic knowledge and understanding to derive jargons into simple terms so that more people will be able to grasp the idea.
Search engine optimization tips are meant to be shared. Besides, the success of a company is not measured by individuality, it’s measured by teamwork. This is what makes business process outsourcing a successful business avenue.

Search Engine Optimization and Your Business

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Indeed, the World Wide Web is a massive playground ready to be explored. Despite its vastness, to be able to manipulate and control it seems to be just a few right clicks away. Now the question is, how do I do it?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for brevity, is a broad spectrum of Information Technology techniques and strategies that aid in the advancement of anyone who wishes to manipulate the internet. In short, it is the best way to be successful without having to spend so much on classroom hours.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Philippine Outsourcers

To be able to cross between, within and among boundaries, you need to think globally. Never limit yourself; never limit your website. The moment you do, you not only limit your scope but your income or return of investment as well.

Yes, those who opt to make their presence in the World Wide Web felt aim more than just branding or brand recall as other would like to call it. For them (all of us, that is), we seek a greener pasture of opportunities that will help us go beyond our goals and objectives. Zip codes and area codes are but a thing of the past – nowadays, the world revolves around a single click of the mouse.

SEO is a strategy that meets all of this – and more. For beginners, the technicalities appear to be complex, complicated and at times, out of this world. In truth, one needs to learn and embrace its many facets but more so, one needs to understand the very process that makes this a thing of the future. Not only the future but of the present and the future – pun intended.

  • Search Engine Visibility and Ranking

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing acts as your anchor to the real and virtual world. The moment you learn how to gauge your presence with the help of SEO strategies and techniques, you will find it easy to belong to the prestigious top pages of these search engines. To say the least, your marketability and visibility is guaranteed to help you increase sales and succeed with your financial objectives.

  • Increase of the targeted customers

Globalization, as aforementioned, is an outdated notion of not being able to hit your quota or even your sales. With the help of your website, the World Wide Web and SEO techniques, you will tour the globe without having to spend much on excessive travelling fees. Just a click and you are connected with your market anywhere in the world – and yes, anytime too!

  • Increase of the amount of Sales

Visibility, increase in scope and ranking simply equates to SALES! The more you make your website visible to the world, the better opportunity for you to increase your sales yielding to higher demand and supply on your end. To say the least, SEO is able to make your dreams come true. As cliché as that could be but that is the truth. Opportunities from possible business partners from parts of the world would seek you hence broadening your playing field.

With SEO knowledge, crossing over boundaries and back is now a thing of less worry. For people who depend on the World Wide Web and their website, SEO is the next best thing to a right click.

Creating a Viable Online Enterprise with Business Process Outsourcing Services

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There are many businesses today claiming that they lead in their own respective industries. It’s understandable; the current environment is getting more unpredictable – businesses are losing customers, consumers losing their spending power and people are getting unemployed.

Nevertheless, most start-ups are still willing to begin their enterprising journey. This is made possible by using diverse outsourcing services provided by Business Process Outsourcing companies. Among the best are located in the Philippines, one of the competitive nations in the outsourcing industry.

There are several companies providing various kinds of services. Apart from the traditional call center (customer service, technical support and sales), the growing number of non-voice related services are also increasing.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Just Simply Outsourcing

This promising field includes services such as web development and graphic design. These two are the front-runners of a company’s online identity and brand. The former deals with conception and creation of a website suitable for the client’s specifications. The latter gives a personality to the site by infusing fresh images, graphics and other visual resources. These are important, as images interact directly and indirectly with the customer’s perceptions.

A picture tells a thousand words, but the images alone are not sufficient to describe themselves. Clients want to convey their message in a crisp, short and direct-to-the point manner. People nowadays are losing their attention span.

To respond to the challenges, writers are needed to fulfill the task. A web content writer has an important role in delivering the right message to the business’ potential customers. That way, the general public will be educated about the products and services that they can use in their daily lives.

Sending the message across is still not enough to reach out to customers. You might have the brightest idea, but without effective marketing strategies and techniques of experts, customers might not learn about you or your services.

To deal with this, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketers are tasked to do the job. Using their knowledge in bringing your business into several social media platforms, countless people can learn about what you have in store for them. SEO experts come up with strategies to put your website on top of several internet search engines.

Internet marketers are the supporting group that allows target audiences to become customers. Using different marketing skills, they can convince web users that doing business with you enables them to reach their desires and needs. Internet marketers are usually made up of web developers, SEO specialists and content writers. This is an indispensable team that helps your online venture grow successfully.

Virtual Assistance and Web Hosting are commonly working behind the scenes, but their importance should not be underestimated. The former is composed of a multi-tasking group of people that is capable of organizing things for the busy entrepreneur. Creating schedules, coordinating with business contacts, suppliers and customers, and doing clerical tasks are some of the key responsibilities of a virtual assistant.

On the other hand, the latter ensures that the website operates in an efficient and effective manner. They monitor the internet connection speeds, bandwidths and other important factors that can affect the website performance. This is to make sure that it will not crash or perform poorly, especially in high-peak hours.

These are the important functions and outsourcing services Philippines provides. With Just Simply Outsourcing, you can achieve your business goals through adequate programs dedicated to boosting your online enterprise.

5 Most Common SEO Myths – Outsourcing SEO services

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In the midst of various myths in the business industry, there is one truth – customers are now online. That is why technology-driven companies now have diversified needs when it comes to the web marketing environment.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Outsourcing SEO services

Outsourcing SEO services is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization plays a great role in a website’s visibility. However, its popularity gave rise to myths people encounter online.

Here are the most common SEO myths:

1. It’s all about page ranking. It may be true that online businesses aim for a top spot in Google and other search engines. Getting your website on page 1 means you have arrived at the lucrative side of the fence.
But remember, high ranking only rewards you visibility – a chance to be seen by your market. It may not guarantee sales, conversions and revenue. SEO is not just about ranking first, there are a lot of other metrics to consider.

2. Keyword stuffing is better. The goal of optimizing your website is to concentrate on relevant terms that will gain your target market’s attention. Stuffing keywords is not the best way to do it. Google could penalize your site when caught.

Aside from making your content sound ridiculous, keyword stuffing can actually repel your potential customers. Web users of this generation know when they are being manipulated. Your site can lose its credibility.

3. Getting more links is a must. If you’re tempted to buy social signals and backlinks for your site, don’t. They may give you that momentary boost your web page needs, but it can also be a potential waste of money.

Using the said method does not represent true SEO’s best practices. Plus, a heavy volume of backlinks can also get your site penalized and devalued by search engines. Not to mention that it only plays a small role in your temporary success.

4. Meta tags greatly impact SEO. It’s not that meta tags are not beneficial. But, they don’t impact search rankings as they used to. Now, search engines focus more on content and other tags to determine what a page is all about.

As for web users, they now scan search engine results pages by looking at meta descriptions. It’s one way to stand out among other recommended sites. So, you need to be mindful of how you write meta descriptions.

5. Only content helps you rank. You may have heard Google talk about how important it is to produce high quality content. While there’s some truth to it, good content is not the only variable or strategy needed for success.

Good content alone is not enough to attract various search engines. There are thousands of sites out there bragging high value articles. But to achieve a high-search placement, all the elements of SEO should work together.

Still think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead? It is continuously changing, but it’s still an essential ingredient for your online business’ success. It ensures that your site is structured in a way that search engines will understand.

My Business Venture

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Business Venture
The struggle for identification is an open-ended issue that requires no answer. It transcends beyond the scope of knowing who you are and goes straight into the spectrum of what you are. To state, identity is a qualifier that enables you to carve your own niche in this vast wonder of the universe. More so, it allows you to grow and be your own person.

Yes, we all crave to be a somebody amidst the many other nobody out there.  We aim for our perfection despite the notion that nobody is perfect. Indeed, nobody is. For a somebody like me, I am – I will.

In the realm of business, a woman like me will always be considered a neophyte. Others see me not as a threat, nor will I ever be, but an ally that could make their competition turn a good 360. Am I just an object in the world of men in suits and leather suitcase? Well, I know I am not. Do you?

I started from the bottom – with nothing but my ambition to succeed in tow. I made my way up the stairs and into elevators. I won’t say in no time for I have constantly been fighting my way for that first step into the abyss of numbers, meetings and transactions. At last, after a while, I am recognized.

For someone like me, being my own boss was the last thing on my bucket list. I know, we all want to be the one on top, being in charge and giving instructions. Steering the wheel is a task so great even Wonderwoman would have a hard time handling it. Still, as a member of the opposite sex, it is a recognition that transcends acceptance and even identification.

Thinking of establishing my own business and operating it with more than a handful of people from all walks of life is an achievement that I am very much proud of. The idea on the drawing board was an easy one; it was the steps that followed that made it hard to fathom.

Knowledge of business theories is one but is not the end all and be all.  You need to put everything in motion – a trial and error method – and test the waters along the way. Dip your finger before your hand and submit to the many mistakes that come your way. Let experience find its way into your goals and objectives and in time, see the reality of your dreams unfold right under your nose.

To say the least, I will not have done them all if I were alone. Emotionally, I struggled to accept the glitches along the way. As my bills skyrocketed to more than my allotted budget, it was either a go or a stop for me. Nevertheless, I heeded the call and surged towards the fulfillment of my satisfaction. Nowadays, I still enjoy the constant shock every time my bills arrive but other than that, everything is in order—or so I would like to believe.

Being a woman in the world of men is tough. It took great courage for me to prove a point and keep my stand without having my handkerchief by my side. The passion within allowed me to surpass road bumps made to dishearten me. To an extent, I almost gave up. I almost told myself to stop and go back to my ventures in the world. However, as I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know that my life is a business on its own thus, the need to go on.

Nowadays, I enjoy the many challenges I meet along the way. I try to make ends meet without being all-emotional and see them head first with the aid of rationality. If there is one piece of advice I would likely give someone struggling his or her way into the business world, it would have to be do not rationalize on the irrational. Delve in as much as you want and be ready to commit mistakes. Despite such, do not let your failure hinder you; let your failures inspire you to further your quest.

My Social Media Experience

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In today’s modern world, it is expected of us to understand how the World Wide Web works – or to some extent, that is. Often, we learn through theories and testimonials. Other times, we let loose and get lost in its massive playground.

Personally, I love the idea of my mouse hovering and exploring the internet. As an internet marketer, I see it fit that I let my guard down when it comes to social networking. The many social media platforms available online is an advantage that we could all benefit from. From simple virtual connection to business networking, all is possible with just a click of the mouse.

Just Simply Outsourcing

Social Media Experience

Yes, creating a new account is certainly not like a ‘walk in the park’. It requires repetitive questions and answers that could verily be copied from other forms. Nonetheless, the very idea of creating a new profile, especially for your company, is a new venture that equates to endless opportunities.

Indeed, the opportunity that comes with it is as massive as the World Wide Web. It not only allows you to introduce your company to the public but it also allows you to reach beyond your target niche. With such, the notion of expansion and globalization will now be an easy task to tackle – no need to splurge beyond your budget; all you need is to create and establish rapport with the audience.

Easy? Well, yes but it holds forth great responsibility. Personally, I see to it that postings on my company’s social media accounts are reliable, objective, accurate and responsible. Every post done exudes awareness on our end and, as an objective, every post shall create awareness on the part of the viewers. Yes, this is sales without interpersonal connection thus the need to be extra careful and assertive to create a following. Basically, the aim here is to convert viewers to potential buyers that will help in the dissemination of your company, services and products offered.

In addition, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few are gateway to your website. Indeed, these various platforms allow people to acknowledge your presence in the World Wide Web – through your website, that is. In short, the links on your social media profiles will act as railways toward your website that will help you hit your objectives and go beyond your target market.

Although popularity, gaining likers, followers and subscribers do not happen overnight, the results in the long run will surely pay off. Time, effort, patience and perseverance is what will keep you grounded and abreast with your mission and vision. Truly, you need to establish an identity that will put you at a competitive advantage over the rest. If at first you do not succeed, post until you get their attention!

In essence, all of this is easier said than done. With a company under my name, I have to make sure that I am aligned with my objectives at all times. I may have slipped once or twice, maybe more than, but through such an experience, I learned to grope what I can offer and not on what others have. Yes, the competition will forever be stiff but without dedication and the passion to succeed, I might as well not promote my company to the rest of the world.

With the rate that my company is going, I can say that social media played a great deal in allowing me to advance beyond my comfort zone and reach to as much audience as I can. The mere views I collect on my website and accounts make me appreciate the existence of social media marketing like no other.

How about you? What can you say about social media? 

Importance of Outsourcing SEO Services for Your Company

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as the method of gathering more popularity among companies using the Internet as their source of marketing. These SEO specialists use a systematized list of keywords to promote the natural discovery of a certain web page in the search results through engines like Google.

As a matter of fact, most companies would consider outsourcing SEO services since this plays a significant role in their marketing scheme, web presence and survival. This tends to be a better option than having an in-house employee to perform the task. Aside from that, they could get someone who truly specializes in this field and the given budget would be lesser.

Just Simply OutsourcingWhen did Search Engine Optimization started?

The development of designing an optimization of web searches for specific topics of information came about during the 1990s. This was when web page developers looked for ways on how to put their sites on top of search results. They wanted to receive more recommendations from search engines.

Furthermore, they wanted to drive more users to their web page using Google spiders. Since these spiders became popular among web developers, companies realized that they could help their customer’s searches more efficient and precise by creating search engine optimization.

Who uses Search Engine Optimization?

Marketing companies and web developers developing marketing content for businesses are the biggest groups that utilize SEO services. This process came to the limelight when these developers began summarizing the content of their websites that are known as meta tags.

The meta tags are then matched to words that would appear in marketing copies, articles or ads. These are published on the Internet to direct hundreds of costumers to their referenced website.

What are the benefits of SEO marketing?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to marketing your business through SEO. First in the list is of course, improving your search results online. In fact, using the services of an outside company will help lessen your internal resources. At the same time, you will have an advantage in using their employee’s experience and expertise.

Moreover, your company’s web presence will increase through the number of views you get online. Certainly this is important for your own sake and for your business. Indeed, working with an established outsourcing firm will give you the ability to increase web traffic without making a huge investment. As a result, you can use your budget in another aspect of your business plan or operation.

Are there downsides of SEO marketing?

Yes, there are also downsides of SEO marketing if and only if you partner doesn’t understand how essential it is to control the keyword density. Take note that all systems should be in place. If they weren’t able to do this, then you will not get the traffic results that you need and paid for.

So if you’re really looking for a team that has good and credible SEO experience, then make sure that they’ll stress how important the different processes are. Also, they must provide you with a content that would sound as natural as possible while using the right amount of keyword density.

Making use of SEO marketing

There are actually a number of resources you could find online that would instruct you about SEO – how it operates and the benefits you could receive. After taking in some knowledge, you can now hire a reliable business process outsourcing or BPO company that would offer this service. In the long run, you would see how successful your business has become.

Outsourcing SEO Services – Business Process Outsourcing

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What metrics are used by Google to analyze one iteration of ranking from another? In terms of delivering quality results, that is.

There are quite a number of metrics utilized by Google in order to deliver quality results to its users. To say the least, outsourcing SEO services have greatly depended and used them to their advantage. Search quality change or that which analyses certain movement and change in the quality of URL’s you have, have been closely monitored and been constantly been improved by Google to deliver utmost result that would help you in ways that matter to you most.

Just Simply Outsourcing

With time, the process of allowing the interception of spams and other nuisances have greatly contributed to the improvements  of metrics in terms of identifying better judgment such as quality and content as to web content writer published articles.

Nonetheless, nothing replaces our own personal judgment and meticulous study of identifying one from another. To say that one is better than the other cannot truly be identified by metric systems alone. Although Google has produced some of the best radars

apps used by jso