Bai Fauziah Fatima Sinsuat AmbolodtoBorn into a family of rich culture and tradition, Bai Fauziah Fatima Sinsuat Ambolodto, Leebai to her peers and acquaintances, is a goal driven individual who values discipline and responsibility above all. With a work ethics that transcends beyond theories, she is determined to finish everything and further her understanding by learning beyond her limits.

With a comprehensive educational background and a degree in Masters degree in Business Administration, Leebai proves that you need not have an IQ of a genius to achieve something in life. With her determination and passion to succeed, she makes sure that whatever decision or situation she is in, she leaves a lasting impact that encourages the people around her to continue what they have started.

Her passion for learning is what sets her apart from the rest. She is not afraid to venture into unknown terrains and explore. For her, it’s not about what you already know but what you are ready to know. She is a firm believer of challenges and makes it her mission to surpass them as she lives her life one day at a time.

A wide reader and hungry for information, truly, she operates like a sponge. She craves for knowledge and loves to apply them in real life. Aside from informative books, she too loves to spend her time browsing cookbooks and frequents book sales to get her hands on antiquated books by authors of the past. Asked of her favorite author, she says none and prefers to read on whatever catches her attention.

Although a self-confessed introvert, she is seen as a bubbly person who loves to laugh and make others laugh. On a slow day, you’ll find her with friends, talking about anything, with a cup of coffee in one hand or inside a yoga studio sweating it out in their mats. However, on most days, you’ll find her dining in the cities best and laughing with socialites in soirees all over the metro.

Her being a part of an internet marketing company is a new venture for her and her neurons. As she learns how the world wide web works and how it is able to help make the lives of many easier than before, she again challenges herself to be at par with the people she is working with.

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