jenThe very epitome of amazing, Jen, is more than an ideal employee. She exudes dedication beyond the usual and sees to it that everything inside the office is up to date and organized. With her skills, she is able to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines in a day and end it even with a smile on her face.

Born and raised in Davao, Jen is a mother to 2 beautiful kids that keeps her and her husband beaming with pride. A mother, daughter and wife, she is able to make ends meet thus her unparalleled passion when it comes to her work. True, her day is always unpredicted. With numerous emails and tasks to disseminate, it certainly takes more than just will power to fulfill and satisfy everything. But with Jen, she takes every stride with a positive note thus she is always on top of her game.

With multiple work experience, no wonder Jen knows how to perfectly balance her day and keep stress away. Her background in Computer Science and Accountancy makes her the perfect candidate for any administrative tasks in the office. She not only is well-versed in installation of computer software and software applications, but she too has a background and experience in Graphic Designing, being a Web Tester and of course, Quality Assurance.

Jen, like any other, also knows when to strike a conversation and have fun. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to be with family, friends and officemates and have a good time. For her, a good after work night cap is spent in front of the dining table and sharing a meal. A sports buff, she too loves the idea of sweating and keeping up with the latest sport trends. For her, she will always have time to have a good time.

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